Product Spotlight: Rose Quartz Ultrasonic Cleansing Wand With Warmfusion Technology

The Rose Quartz Ultrasonic Cleansing Wand With Warmfusion Technology is a dual action facial cleansing device. Lift, firm & tone the skin in style with a daily deep cleansing.

What does it do?

Cleanses, scrubs, breaks down dirt and oil from within the pores at 9,600 vibrations per minute. It also features a mini head that has been especially designed for those hard to reach areas. It’s suitable for all skin types with 4 interchanges modes and gentle silicone bristles. The rose quartz stone contains iron and magnesium, oxygen assisting agents within these elements help reduce tension and inflammation under and on the skin's surface. The sonic vibrations and heat with the warmfusion technology assists products to absorb deeper into the skin. The hygienic wand head is made from medical grade silicone which is antibacterial, odour resistant and waterproof. 

How do I use it?

Start by rinsing your face with warm water, then apply your cleanser to the silicone bristles. Rinse the Ultrasonic Cleansing Wand under warm water then power on and set the desired speed. In a gentle circular motion, move the brush head around to cleanse the entire face or desired areas. Rinse your face and clean the Ultrasonic Cleansing Wand. When using the heating function, apply products to the heated rose quartz stone and gently massage your entire face. Great for use with our Magnetic Charcoal Mask to help infuse the natural oils after removing the mask magnetically.